Street Sweeping

Keep your construction site looking its best.

Our specialized sweeping truck is built to remove a wide range of construction site debris and deep clean dirt from pavement pores– all in a single pass. This one-of-a-kind, multifaceted service reduces sweeping visits and provides you with a superior level of cleanliness.

Basic Service

A no-frills broom and vacuum service to pick up loose debris around your construction site. Our specialized sweeper’s powerful vacuum sucks up even the most difficult debris and leaves your streets tidy.

For a deeper clean, upgrade to our pressure wash service.

Pressure Wash Service

Deep clean pavement pores and prevent sediment from getting released into storm drains with our pressure wash service. Our specialized sweeper brushes the surface in a single pass and provides 1500 PSI of cleaning power that spans the entire vehicle width. A powerful vacuum sucks up loose debris and water runoff, bringing your paved surface back to life.

Hand Pressure Wash Service

For sidewalks, driveways, and harder-to-reach areas, our do-it-all trucks come equipped with a handheld pressure washing wand to quickly tackle detailed cleaning without additional appointments.

Catch Basin Vacuum Service

Keep your catch basins operating correctly and free of build-up. Our sweeper team will remove lids and vacuum debris and finish with a handheld pressure wash, leaving your basins completely clean and ready for more.

Free Estimate

Chat with a representative and get a free estimate for your next street sweeping project.

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  • We would like to thank Above & Beyond Hydroseed for an outstanding effort on this recently completed project in Camas. The project involved a very aggressive schedule and it was completed on time. Bravo!.

    Jean C.
    Camas, WA